Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Experience the Grandeur of Deluxe Stay with Best Hotels in Haridwar

Best hotels in Haridwar
Best hotels in Haridwar

There is no denying on the fact that religious connotations attached to Haridwar will definitely leads your heart in an all new direction which is sacred and pious. The moment you think about this holy place a wave of spirituality tends to take over your senses. Moreover, the revered river Ganges flowing in the heart of this sacred city invites scores of tourists to this beautiful place throughout the year. Hence, it becomes important that this destination needs to have excellent accommodation arrangements for all the discerning travelers arriving here. And when it comes to best hotels in Haridwar, Aalia can’t go unnoticed.

This unusually designed deluxe hotel is strategically nestled right on the banks of river Ganges thus grabs the attention of the tourists to the utmost. Being a perfect getaway it is an ideal destination in order to spend exotic summer or winter vacation. Enveloped with the elements of nature from all four corners, this magical creation welcomes you to relax in the lap of nature by basking in the glory of utter opulence and sumptuousness.

Set in the acres of verdant foliage around pristine reserve forests, this spectacular contemporary landmark brings you closer to nature. Its commitment to exclusivity, stunning natural surroundings, exceptional facilities and outstanding attention to subtle details makes Aalia a perfect destination to explore with family of friends. Its unapologetic indulgence will surely steal your heart and you would love to repeat the feat again. So, experience the grandeur of deluxe and luxe stay in some of the best hotels in Haridwar like Aalia and make your vacation unforgettable.

Contributor - Juhi Walia

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aalia: Undoubtedly a Best Resort in Rishikesh

Best Resort in Rishikesh
Best Resort in Rishikesh

Staying in Uttarakhand can be a pleasurable experience if, you choose a best resort in Rishikesh. We can take an apt example of Aalia resort, strategically nestled right on the banks of majestic Ganges. Yes, this super luxurious contemporary landmark with its cordial reception and warm hospitality leaves no stone unturned in order to make your trip to this amazingly beautiful city unforgettable. Famous for offering an unparalleled intimate experience while providing an impeccable level of service, world class accommodation, exceptional facilities and picturesque view of stunning natural surroundings, this architectural grandeur is visited by large numbers of discerning travelers around the globe.

The USP of this beautiful resort is its soothing ambience, scrumptious food, enviable location, lots of indoor and outdoor activities and spacious as well as luxury accommodation.  By providing you the perfect backdrop for your holidays, this famous destination enables you to cherish fresh serene surroundings and a tranquil air coming from the river Ganges. You even have an opportunity where you can witness the incredible beauty of Himalayan mountain range with your naked eyes. The spectacular view of the beautiful mountain range runs widely in every direction as far as your eyesight can reach.

You can also experience serenity and tranquility in the lap of nature here, as Aalia shares the close proximity with pristine reserve forests, bringing you closer to nature. Being an epitome of elegance and luxury, this beautiful resort with its chic, swanky and spacious rooms not only enrich your overall experience, but even allure you to visit this place again and again. Hence, you entire journey can turn out to be a fun filled ride with this best resort in Rishikesh that will promise you to offer nothing but some moments worth cherishing.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Enjoy the Best Elephant Safari in India with Aalia

Elephant Safari in India
Elephant Safari in India
Haridwar, Rishikesh and Mussoorie being one of the most hotspots of Uttarakhand promise to give your incredible hospitality and some precious memories worth cherishing. Here one can find flora and fauna in abundant thus one can opt for adventurous rides such as elephant safari in India and much more. Uttarakhand is one such place where you can enjoy these adventurous activities with your family or friends because you can find many beautiful resorts in this state that offer you all sorts of comfort along with recreational and adventurous activities.
This is the reason that large numbers of tourists visit India every year in order to have the best time of their life. It would not be wrong to say that one can never enjoy these adventurous activities without having the best accommodation to stay. Yes, you heard it right and when it comes to best hotels in Uttarakhand Aalia is the only name that strikes the mind. This super luxury deluxe hotel with its warm hospitality, exceptional services and subtle attention to details is considered as one of the most visited and the best hotels in the entire state.

Besides offering you comfortable and luxurious stay this deluxe hotel also offers you with many excursion packages and adventure activities like elephant safari in India, white water rafting, pilgrimage tour packages, safaris at Rajaji National Park and many more. Perfect destination for business, leisure and adventurous travelers around the world Aalia leaves no stone unturned in order to caters all your needs. Thus, famous for its scenic beauty Aalia in Uttarakhand is an ideal destination that offers lucrative packages for elephant safari to the tourists.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Aalia: One of the Most Famous Uttarakhand Hotels

Uttarakhand hotels
Uttarakhand hotels
Usually when we talk about Uttarakhand hotels the images of beautiful mountain valleys, picturesque view, green landscapes and exotic food came into the mind. And in order to offer you such incredible experience, Aalia leaves no stone unturned. Yes, one of the most popular and visited hotels of Uttarakhand it is worldwide known for offering the warm hospitality and state of the art services to all its customers. Being situated right on the banks of majestic Ganges, this contemporary landmark with its numerous striking features is visited by large numbers of travelers around the world.

By offering you the exceptional hospitality services and world class facilities it would not be wrong to say that it is undoubtedly considered as one of the ideal places where you can enjoy your stay with family or friends. This lavish and the most luxurious hotel is the perfect destination with which one can explore this vivacious and vibrant place. Set in the acres of verdant surroundings near pristine reserve forests this beautiful place offers you a chance to get closer with nature. Its soothing and calm atmosphere makes you forget every tension and worry.

Whether you are a business traveler or leisure traveler, Aalia with its enviable blend of sheer luxury, contemporary sophistication and comfort makes sure that you get the best services at any cost. No matter what your requirements are, at this beautiful destination all your wishes even the smallest ones can easily be fulfilled. The well trained staff of the hotel ensures that you will have the best and memorable time of your life and in order to make that happen it is 24x7 available at your service. This is the reason that why Aalia is considered as of the most famous Uttarakhand hotels where people love to visit again and again.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aalia Hotel at Haridwar: A Perfect Getaway

Hotel at Haridwar

Aalia, the best Hotel at Haridwar is known for its unique concept and execution. Being situated right on the banks of majestic Ganges, this boutique hotel with its world class accommodation facilities, delicious food, impeccable level of services and well trained staff caters your every need in best way possible. Being an epitome of elegance and gracious living, this contemporary landmark set in the acres of verdant foliage nearby pristine forests and it actually brings you closer to nature. Offering an unparalleled intimate experience with its stunning natural surroundings, exceptional facilities and outstanding attention to details, this hotel is a perfect getaway for many travelers around the world.

From white water rafting to African-style elegant safaris, at this place you get to experience the adventurous activities. And when you get tired of doing adventurous activities, with its luxurious spa one can rejuvenate and pamper his senses through having a blissful massage. No matter what sort of comfort and luxurious features you are looking for in this beautiful hotel all your wishes can easily be fulfilled. With its widest range of accommodation options like- Chila Suite, Garden Suite, River Suite and Villas, this place offers you comfortable stay.

This particular Hotel at Haridwar with its phenomenal hospitality services makes sure trip to the city memorable for lifetime. This is the reason that it has been visited by large numbers of travelers around every corner of the world so that they can experience the best hospitality in their life.  The stunning slate clad exteriors and well crafted interiors of the rooms perfectly blend with the natural surroundings and make you feel like at home. Excellent in offering world class services to all its guests, this landmark with its state of the art amenities makes your stay comfortable and memorable for lifetime.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Featured 5 Star Hotels in Haridwar

Haridwar Hotels Booking

Haridwar 5 Star Hotels

Considered as one of the holy cities of India, Haridwar because of its religious significance is visited by plenty of travelers every year. This is the reason that finding the 5 star hotels in Haridwar is not an arduous task. Here is the list of best hotels in the city that can provide you with excellent services. 

Aalia: Has the distinction of being the only luxurious hotel located right on the banks of majestic Ganges, Aalia offers you the world class accommodation services that offers you gracious living. Set in the verdant surrounding of pristine forests, this boutique hotel leaves no stone unturned in bringing you closer with nature. The warm hospitality, impeccable services, stunning natural surroundings and outstanding attention to subtle details makes this place an ideal location where you can enjoy with your entire family.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hotel in Haridwar near Ganga are the perfect Getaway

hotels in haridwar near ganga
Best Hotels in Haridwar

Hotel in Haridwar

Known for its incredible beauty and list of luxurious hotels, Haridwar is one such holy city which is visited by large numbers of travelers all around the world. By noticing the fact that every year this city is crowded with many travelers finding the best hotel in Haridwar near Ganga is not a difficult task. Yes, you heard it right one can find plenty of reliable hotels in the city that can serve you with the best hospitality services and make your trip highly enjoyable. Aalia is one such name of a luxurious hotel where you all the modern facilities and cost effective services. Being situated right on the banks of majestic Ganges this hotel has got the distinction of being the only luxurious hotel that caters all your needs in best way possible. Stunning natural surroundings, impeccable services and world class accommodation options make this hotel most visited in the city.